Frame properties dialog

This dialog allows you view/set properties of selected frame.

General properties

  • Image title - Set image title for easier navigation in frames list
  • Delay - Set delay of the selected frame
  • Transparency - Check it if you want the frame to be transparent
  • Transparent color index - A color you wish to become transparent
  • Removal method
    • Web Browser Decides - Browser removes the image in the way it decides
    • Do Not Remove - The image is not removed. The next image will be displayed over it
    • To Background Color - Replaces the image with the web page background color
    • To Previous State - Replaces the image with the image preceding it
  • Interlaced - If checked, image loading gradually, giving view of a fade-in as the image loads

Click "Apply to all selected frames" button to apply frame properties to all selected frames.


  • Create local - Click this button to create local palette for the image
  • Edit... - Click this button to edit local palette
  • Delete local - Click this button to delete local palette


You can include separate textual comment for each frame in your GIF animation. This comment can be viewed by other image editing software. This feature is useful to add individual comments to animation frames.

This animator is great. It has tons of features and is easy to use, what more could you ask for. On my first try I made an animation that looked like i knew what i was doing! I definitely got my money's worth.
Julia Andrews, satisfied customer