Advanced GIF Animator Installation


The installation process does not take much time. All you need to do is to follow the instructions of the Advanced GIF Animator Setup Wizard. There is no need to reboot at the end of the setup, you can run the program right after it is installed on your machine.

If you have already installed an older version of Advanced GIF Animator, you can install the new version on top of the older one, no need to uninstall it.

Steps during installation:

  1. Setup welcome message - press Next to continue
  2. Destination location - gives you the option to select a folder where Advanced GIF Animator will be installed. By default it creates an entry in the Program Files directory.
  3. Start menu folder - lets you select where to place shortcuts in the Start Menu folder
  4. Select additional tasks
    • Create a desktop icon - checked by default, places a shortcut on desktop
    • Create a Quick Launch icon - places an icon in the Quick Launch toolbar
  5. A summary is displayed and in the last window click on Install to start the installation.
This animator is great. It has tons of features and is easy to use, what more could you ask for. On my first try I made an animation that looked like i knew what i was doing! I definitely got my money's worth.
Julia Andrews, satisfied customer