Keyboard Shortcuts

Advanced GIF Animator is easier to use with a mouse, but you can also use the standard Windows keyboard interface. Advanced GIF Animator's keyboard shortcuts include:

F1Activate help system
Ctrl+NCreate new animation
Ctrl+MStart new animation Wizard
Ctrl+BStart new banner Wizard
Ctrl+OOpen GIF file
Ctrl+SSave animation to GIF file
F5Open optimization dialog
Alt+F4Exit (terminate) Advanced GIF Animator
Ctrl+ZUndo animation changes
Shift+Ctrl+ZRedo animation changes
Ctrl+XCut selected items to clipboard
Ctrl+CCopy selected items to clipboard
Ctrl+VPaste from clipboard
Ctrl+ASelect all
Shift+Ctrl+NInsert new blank frame
InsInsert frame from image
Ctrl+DelDelete selected frame(s)
Ctrl+FDisplay frame properties
Ctrl+QStart/Stop animation
Ctrl+PDisplay animation properties
Ctrl+RReverse selected frames
Ctrl+WPreview animation on Web page
Ctrl+HGenerate HTML code for GIF image
F6Display options dialog
This animator is great. It has tons of features and is easy to use, what more could you ask for. On my first try I made an animation that looked like i knew what i was doing! I definitely got my money's worth.
Julia Andrews, satisfied customer