Palette dialog

This dialog allows you to view/edit global or local palette.

Palette entries

Left side of the dialog represent palette entries. Unused palette entries marked by cross.


  • Color index - Shows the index of the selected palette entry
  • Red - Red component of the selected palette entry
  • Green - Green component of the selected palette entry
  • Blue - Blue component of the selected palette entry
  • HTML code - HTML code of the color (hexadecimal)


- Add palette entry
- Remove selected palette entry
- Replace color of palette entry
- Move palette entry left
- Move palette entry right
- Sort palette entries
- Delete extra palette entries with equal colors
- Delete all unused palette entries

  • Preview - Preview GIF image with edited palette
  • Load palette - Load palette from a file
  • Save palette - Save palette to a file for future use
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Julia Andrews, satisfied customer